Winning Advantage:
The Financial Advisor Playbook for Achieving True Integration


[one_half last=”no”][dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith increasing client demands, the multi-trillion dollar baby boomer retirement, lingering fears of continued market uncertainty and ongoing volatility, advisors are facing the single most important era in the history of the industry. To achieve success in this new environment, they’ll need to look at their businesses and the client experience with a new set of eyes. Ultimately they’ll need to leverage new technologies that enable them to work smarter, connect with clients more often and provide them with more valuable information.

In order to get the most out of these new technologies, advisors must be smart about which solutions they choose to use and how they’re using them. Simply buying new technology is not enough. Similarly, purchasing every new technology tool on the market is not the answer if advisors want to ensure efficiency. To be truly successful they must implement an integrated technology approach that also aligns with their core business goals.

For an advisor, true technology integration means that all of the technologies at his/her disposal have the ability to communicate with each other and the advisor can perform all necessary tasks – whether they’re investment-related, client-related or administrative – from one application without ever having to leave the system. Research indicates that not using this type of system can have real drawbacks-

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